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Hi. Don't worry i am not dead or risen from the grave. I am just going to say something in advance that i didn't say beforehand. If in the chance that Ken Penders DOES go to Sonic vault, please don't make any death threats. I know and understand that he rubs people the wrong way and not going into the complex mess of the lawsuit, I really do believe he is an arrogant idiot from most of his tweet tweet. Despite, I would not want death on anyone regardless of background. Plus it also ruins the fans going there and unfair on the people running the show because it causes a lot more hassle and probably money hiring security. if i was going to a convention with someone that i would theoretically find extremely loathsome, i would simply ignore just him- that's a good thing to do if you don't like him. 
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O-kay, i am going to try and remain as neutral as possible.

Before you read this long journal, i don't mean to cause any actual offense and i know and try to understand this diplomatically (even though this is a divisive issue) willing to understand both sides of the so-called conflict over the ant-Ken penders and anti archie, I am just sooo sick and tired of some of the extremist fans (of both sides) doing stuff that would agitate the situation. I don't necessarily mean to cause offence to any person or another and if i do I would be happy to correct any errors and i do try to be understanding. If anyone regards this as offensive then i am sorry.

#an example:
I had a similar experience to the people who lost their favoured characters during the Archie Sonic reboot: I though of Command & Conquer as the best thing in the world- during the time of 1 and 2 (I played 2), although i didn't notice anything really noticeable in C&C3 (it switched from the traditional Westwood to EA it sort of went in a new direct where there were no real expansion of Tiberium creatures and sudden changes and retcons- plus it was more flashy than the futuristic Dune-like tone from which it was based on). By the time I heard the reviews and read the storyline for Tiberium Twilight- especially the abrupt change of game play, the downplaying of Tiberium and the unsatisfying ending for the game, i really did believe that the series went downhill. However, like the fanbase the CNC fanbase made mods to continue a CNC fangame in the same spirit as the good old traditional games. 

#Reflecting back to present
anyway, back to the subject, sure i was feeling melancholy and a bit upset at the time, but believe it or not, I gradually and eventually got over it. Okay, it is moot point about whose fault it is, it was very unfortunate the way it happened, but everyone should learn any lessons from it and to not create any more conflict and (some may be upset at this) go their separate ways. To be truthful, i have no real preference of one or the other I have no qualms at all for people not liking and even hating the reboot or Ian Flynn. I want to put this out, I really do believe that both Ken Penders and Ian Flynn are not better or worse than each other. I do concede that Ken created some potentially good stories and good characters. In my own personal opinion, the main gripe i have with Ken Penders were two comics- one of which he promoted his son and some other person, and the other one when he tried to intertwine Sonic's world with Image comics, and made his own current one issue comic series prominent - making hints that there were similarities between their worlds.

 Sonic has always been good even before Ken came got himself involved- The Adventures of Sonic series, the original games, "SATAM" and many other stuff. I usually see try to see both sides of the argument, which i will say badly seeing as though Ken Penders truly is a dividing figure.

#regarding the fandom wars
I just want to point out that both sides of the fandom are not saints- even the Ian flynn fans, from the one that tried to argue with Ken while linking it to Stan Lee, to the one claimed on social media about assassinating Ken during one of the sonic fandom functions (when i first heard of him going, and i wrongly assumed that the organiser was the one who asked- i just rolled my eyes because i knew it was a bad idea and left it like that, but regardless of how much you despise a any one person it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to make death threats- and besides it would also ruin the days of the well-behaved people and really be an on convenience to them and the organisers.) That being said, i really do believe that egging him on excessively to go to Sonic conventions and stuff like that would be really unwise and really irresponsible- its not a matter of fault its just the powderkeg nature of this entire ordeal. And my personal view, is that he keeps on constantly claiming about Archie Sonic being cancelled etc. That, in itself, is not a real big deal, but seriously doesn't Ken have better things to do? As i said he as in some ways a good writer, like every other writer they had good strengths and flaws- same as Ian- I am just concerned that his work might encroach upon not just the Archie portion of sonic but the sonic franchise itself ("Mobius", "K'Nox"- with the nickname of Knuckles and the praetorian Hat) and even the mentioning of Sonic AND the original M25YL, which could probably not be edited- except for 2 panels, i heard.

#of Ken's personal project
Believe it or not, I would actually be fine if Ken Penders did a spin off of his characters and would actually enjoy the idea, if it was done right and if it was done in a way that didn't step on the other parties toes and becomes a thing on its own. 
The Dalek Chronicles, for example, had the Daleks, their home planet Skaro, Mechanoids without really overly mentioning Doctor Who, and all the related organisms- every element that established themselves as characters and as a race, and you don't see a time lord with a blue box or Gallifrey, or even over-hyped like Ken's latest project.

Speaking of which, if i was a creator, i would just do some clear straightforward work on the franchise i would create and own, instead of saying stuff willy-nilly and mixing it with work on other projects- his so-called called "Republic" movie, he just does short work and constantly goes to cinemas and doing negative critiques on films that have actually made it to the movies.  For goodness sakes, do something solid and not constantly say something that he might change.




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